The holidays have begun - a harvest time for the accommodation industry, as well as for private investors in the short-term rental market. It is worth noting that years of low interest rates attracted capital looking for higher rates of return to this segment, and we observed increased development activity in regions attractive to tourists. The accommodation industry has recently been exposed to a shocking volatility of demand, first a complete cut-off of revenues during the lockdown during the pandemic, and then - often in conditions of staff shortages - a collision with a wave of extremely high demand, largely postponed, additionally supported by an injection of liquidity for entrepreneurs and households under aid shields and low interest rates, and supported by limited foreign tourism due to the difficulties or uncertainty of travelling. Season 2023 is a return to normality. Just like a year ago, Puls Nieruchomości in June is dedicated to the analysis of the accommodation market in popular national resorts.

The Pulse of Real Estate: Return to normality in the tourist apartment rental market (pkobp.pl)