• Safe Credit 2% has made the group of mortgage loan applicants younger by almost 10 years. This is the result of the upper age limit for program participants and the loan being intended only for people who do not already have a flat. The average age of BK2% applicants is just over 30 years old.
  • The Safe Credit 2% program is particularly attractive for singles, and especially for single women - the percentage of applications with their participation is almost three times higher than in the case of other housing loans. The dominance of singles is strongest in the 6 largest agglomerations and decreases with the decreasing number of inhabitants of the town.
  • Singles in the Safe Credit 2% program focus almost exclusively on apartments. Couples are slightly less interested in apartments in favor of single-family homes, and interest in homes increases as the number of dependents increases. Safe Credit 2% turns out to be a program that solves the problems mainly of people who previously live with their parents or in rented premises.
  • The increased interest in apartments among singles is concentrated on premises on the primary market to a greater extent than in the case of other housing loans and greater than in the case of loans in the period preceding the introduction of Safe Credit 2%. This is probably the result of the actions of developers who are trying to take advantage of the current economic situation on the housing market and the lack of a limit in the Safe Credit 2% program this year to sell their offers as much as possible, even with distant completion dates. Developers are probably aware of the decreasing demand from Safe Credit 2% in the coming years.

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