PKO Bank Hipoteczny on 4th of August 2016 established the international mortgage covered bonds programme with the maximum amount of outstanding at EUR. PKO Bank Hipoteczny’s covered bonds are listed on LuxSE and Warsaw Stock Exchange’s parallel market.

Numer of series Covered   Bond Number (Code ISIN)Issue dateMaturity dateValueCouponCurrencyIssue RatingListing
4XS16906695742017-09-272024-08-27500 000 0000.75%EURAa1LuxSE, WSE (parallel market) 
8XS24950857842022-07-042025-06-25500 000 0002.125%EURAa1LuxSE, WSE (parallel market) 
9XS25833359432023-02-092026-02-09500 000 000WIBOR 3M + 0.85%PLNAa1LuxSE, WSE (parallel market)
10XS26419196392023-06-282026-06-29500 000 000WIBOR 3M + 0.78%PLNAa1LuxSE, WSE (parallel market)
11XS27118763702023-11-022026-11-02750 000 000WIBOR 3M + 0.78%PLNAa1LuxSE, WSE (parallel market)
12XS27878735412024-03-222028-03-221 000 000 000WIBOR 3M + 0.55%PLNAa1LuxSE, WSE (parallel market)
13XS28549267012024-07-052028-07-04500 000 000WIBOR 3M + 0.55%PLNAa1LuxSE, intended on WSE (parallel market)

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