As part of its Bond Issue Programme, launched 30 September 2015, PKO Bank Hipoteczny may issue bonds on the domestic market, up to a value of PLN 6.0 billion. PKO Bank Hipoteczny will issue złoty-denominated securities with maturities from 1 to 36 months. As part of the Programme, PKO Bank Hipoteczny has appointed PKO Bank Polski as the Documentation Agent, Calculation Agent, Arranger, Dealer and Placement Guarantee. The role of the Issue Agent is performed by the Brokerage House of PKO Bank Polski.

PKO Bank Hipoteczny is a member of the PKO Bank Polski capital group, specialising in mortgage lending. As a mortgage bank, it has a limited range of operations, in accordance with Art. 12 of the Act on covered bonds and mortgage banks, and is subject to special oversight by the Financial Supervision Authority. PKO Bank Hipoteczny’s operating model is based on close cooperation with PKO Bank Polski, with the goal of achieving synergies within the Capital Group in the area of IT infrastructure, risk-assessment standards, and know-how.

PKO Bank Hipoteczny’s bonds are another source of financing for the residential mortgage loans the bank grants and acquires. The bonds allow PKO Bank Hipoteczny to diversify its financing, and will also provide bridge financing until the issuance of further covered bonds.

These materials are for information purposes only and do not constitute either an offer to acquire Bonds within the meaning of the Act dated 15 January 2015 on bonds, or a public offering within the understanding of the Act on Public Offering, Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organised Trading, and Public Companies dated 29 July 2005.